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For years now, stepfamily porn has dominated the web and has been a genre of adult entertainment you love or love to hate. And the fact of the matter is that there is a ton of great content to be found, and stepdaughter porn is here to stay. With that in mind, you may as well go for the best of the best, and if that’s the case, you have to consider This Dad Crush review will tell you everything you need to know about it.

If you’re a porn enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly seen videos on the web before. Ultra popular, scenes from this site bring in millions of views worldwide, and it stands amongst the top in fan-favorite content. With their star-studded cast and knack for constantly cranking quality content, it’s easy to understand why.

Team Skeet’s premium site is certainly worth considering for anyone looking to snag some excellent content at a reasonable price. So if you have been curious about joining their site but haven’t taken the plunge, this review is for you.

We’ll explore the perks that come with your membership and the content quality and discuss which subscription tier is appropriate for you.

Our Porn Review - First Impressions & Overview

Bringing in hundreds of millions of views year-round, it’s no secret that the internet and porn fans worldwide love stepfamily porn. More specifically, stepdaughter porn has become a niche genre for many enthusiasts. When it comes to this subset of pornography, Team Skeet has dominated the scene for over a decade. Their talent for understanding genres and making them their own is second to none.

So as for this Dad Crush review, the premium series is no exception to their legacy. This site never fails to deliver super fresh and ultra-sexy content. Launching this site in 2016, Dad Crush was an instant hit and very quickly rose to the top as a Team Skeet fan-favorite. They have reigned supreme over the years and consistently put out the hottest stepdaughter porn.

The Dad Crush catalog is already over 250 scenes strong, with a growing library. The premise of each video follows a unique premise and leans heavily into the stepfamily and daddy crush fetish, each video more taboo than the last. These slutty stepdaughters will do whatever it takes to get their way and always have their unsuspecting stepdads wrapped around their fingers.

You’ll see all sorts of scenarios in this premium series, from the innocent babe looking to practice sex with her stepdad to the not-so-innocent vixen trying to score money and gifts from her rich stepdad. You're certified to get a banger no matter what scene you choose.

After spending some time with the site and watching various movies, it’s safe to say that Dad Crush leaves a fantastic first impression. Not only do they have consistently fresh content, but they also feature some of the hottest models on the planet—all for an affordable price.

We recommend going big and looking into a Team Skeet Premium membership, which brings your total library from 250 videos to over 8,000. That’s one hell of an upgrade. Plus, you can generally find wicked deals throughout the years, which help you save on your subscription.

Talk About Daddy Issues

There is no doubt about it—the content here is simply amazing. This site has it all if you can’t get enough of the bratty stepdaughter fetish. For years now, Team Skeet has led the taboo stepfamily porn niche, earning many nominations and awards along the way. They deliver time and time again with this premium series, and we can’t praise it enough.

Being a popular series, members of this site see frequent uploads, so you’re always getting something new several times a month. A growing content catalog is excellent for anyone who wants to watch every week, as they’ll find it difficult to get bored.

Almost every episode of the premium series sports a high-user rating, so you know the content creators love to give their audience exactly what they demand.

High-Quality Porn, All the Time

Nobody likes low-resolution porn, and we all know the internet is flooded with it. Luckily, you never have to worry about watching poor-quality videos with premium site subscriptions. And when it comes to Team Skeet, they always deliver their scenes in full HD.

Even the early content on Dad Crush is excellent in terms of resolution quality. Their scenes are shot in 1080p, with a growing 4k library for anyone looking for the highest possible quality.

Plus, all scenes are available to download in various formats and resolutions for those who want to add to their content catalog. Having this as an option is an incredible perk for those who want to curate a personal collection they can take with them anywhere.

The Hottest Stepdaughter Models

It’s no secret that Team Skeet is known for its talent in casting the hottest and newest adult models on the planet. They’ve been in the game for many years and have always boasted the ability to bring you models you love. From Riley Reid to Elsa Jean, the porn company has had them all and loves to bring its audience the best of the best.

The standard is the same here. This series features your favorite world-renowned stars playing the baddest and naughtiest stepdaughters you can imagine. You’ll see appearances by Eliza Ibarra, Emily Willis, Chloe Temple, and so many other fantastic performers.

But these scenes don’t just feature critically acclaimed pornstars. Dad Crush features up-and-coming girls to keep the content fresh and to introduce you to babes you’ll come to love. Recent uploads feature newcomers like Ozzy SparX, Vivian Fox, Nina Pink, etc. These new models have brought in a ton of positive attention, and fans love every second of them.

A subscription gets you unlimited access to over 250 models and counting—this is a killer deal you don’t want to sleep on with how affordable membership is.

Dad Crush Episodes For Days

With a membership, long gone are the days of scouring the tubesites for your favorite videos. Now, you have them all in one place.

The website has an extensive catalog already, with more videos being uploaded nearly weekly. They have a little something for everyone, which is also great for someone who likes variety. Check out some trailers from some of the website's most popular videos.

DadCrush Members Area

Popular DadCrush Models

FAQ About Dad Crush

Have questions about Crush? Check out some frequently asked questions:

Is Dad Crush Worth It?
When it comes to premium porn, Team Skeet is a top contender for best of the best. Dad Crush is no exception, as this series delivers incredible hardcore scenes consistently. We’ve got tons of scenes already, with more on the way. Joining Dad Crush is a no-brainer.
What Pornstars Can I See At Dad Crush?
Dad Crush is home to some of the hottest teen pornstars on the planet. We work with the stars you know and love and newcomers who are just starting to make a name for themselves. Eliza Ibarra, Emily Willis, Liz Jordan, and Violet Starr are just some hotties you’ll see here!
Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Absolutely! Canceling is easy, and you can come back at any time! If you have questions or concerns about your membership, contact our amazing customer service team!
What Fantasies Do You Film In Dad Crush?
We like to have a lot of fun with our content, so we always try to keep the storylines fresh, lighthearted, and taboo. With Dad Crush, you can experience all types of scenarios where teen pornstars fuck their stepdaddies. Whether a stepdaughter needs a tough lesson in love, or she simply can’t get her stepdad’s cock off of her mind, you’ll have 300+ scenes to choose from and counting!

Closing Thoughts | Dad Crush Review

The two most important questions are: Is Dad Crush good and worth it? Absofreakinlutely! When we’re talking about one of the best deals available in adult entertainment, this is one of them.

The premium site features over 250 scenes, an ever-growing catalog, and over 250 models, including Julz Gotti, Jasmine Wilde, Bailey Brooke, Mila Taylor, and many more. All are available in stunning HD. This is also some of the hottest and best stepfamily porn you can find, as it leans heavily into the taboo of risque stepdaughter porn.

Team Skeet has certainly captured lightning in a bottle with this series and has managed to keep its content strong over the years.

While a Dad Crush subscription alone is worth it, we definitely recommend going all the way and treating yourself to a full-on Team Skeet subscription. Their membership grants unlimited access to all of their content, including over 8,000 scenes and 3,000 models. That’s enough porn to last you a lifetime, with more being released daily.

Luckily, there are always ways to save on membership, so be on the lookout for promotions and deals the site offers, including the one this Dad Crush review presents right here. Subscribe today!


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